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womensinging.gifThis is the home for sacred harp singing in the Pacific Northwest, (comprising the states of Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska). Sacred Harp singing is traditional religious folk music sung a cappella (no instruments) in four parts from The Sacred Harp, a tunebook printed in shape notes (i.e., the noteheads are one of four shapes, though otherwise standard music typesetting is followed). The book was first published in 1844 and has been continuously in print since then. Any type, quality, or range of voice will find a comfortable and important place with us. If you are new to Sacred Harp singing, feel free to drop by to listen or, better yet, to join in. Beginning singers are always welcome and musical reading ability is not a requirement. At a Sacred Harp singing, there is no admission charge, no choir director, no rehearsal, no performance, no membership - just singing that many describe as the most powerful, most intense musical experience of their lives.

Join Us at a Singing Click on the link at the left for a Washington state singing or an Oregon state singing or an Alaska state singing to find one near you.

The Leading Lesson Booklet from the 2012 Convention at Mercer Island. Leading Lesson mp3 Audio: Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3
(right click or control-click to download).

Camp Fasola summer camp should be on your schedule for next year!!!! 
Doug Plummer videos of PNWSHS history: Sacred Harp Singing in the Pacific Northwest I and Sacred Harp Singing in the Pacific Northwest II

Handout on Minor Songs and Accidental.

Get your FREE FREE FREE WORKBOOK on the basics of Sacred Harp singing here.

Monthly Saturday before 2nd Sun Kent Singing   from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at 21618 46th Place S, Kent, WA. Bring your friends! Cooper book. On July 12, following the singing will be a screening of "Awake My Soul".

Monthly Friday before 4th Sun Olympia Singing  will meet for foreseeable future at Fertile Ground Guest House from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. (new time). uses both Cooper and Denson books. See website. Actual building is at 911 Adams.

Monthly 4th Sun Seattle Singing  continues to meet at Room 4, Crown Hill Center, 9250 14th Ave NW. But it's too pricey. Help us find another venue.

Index to 2012 Cooper  An index to the composers, arrangers, and sources of tunes in the new 2012 Cooper Sacred Harp, in PDF. You'll need to trim the pages and fasten the left side to make a booklet out of it. Click here.